Friday, 3 February 2012

Sparkly Socks


( Playsuit - H&M. Shirt - Topshop. Necklace - Urban Outfitters. Heels - New Look )

The quality of these photos aren't great but it was the best I could do with my crappy camera. It was our sixth form's college party which to be honest, was a waste on this outfit, but on the bright side at least I can wear it to another party. This playsuit is probably one of my wardrobes most worn items, it can easily be dressed up like this or can be worn during the day with a pair of thick tights and a jumper, I love it. I wasn't sure about how i was going to wear these socks but I think they go perfectly with these wedges, not bad for £4 from Topshop :) 


  1. So pretty! We adoreeee the platforms here!

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    ox from NYC!


  2. Love your necklace and your blog your style is great too.
    N xox

  3. The socks and heels look great together,

  4. gotta love a good glittery sock! :) x

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    1. Sorry...spelling error! I really like your personal style Rachel, socks and heels are always a winner :) I am following you now :) Please drop by and say hi when you get time, and maybe follow back if you like what you see? x